Meet Our Staff

Kerin- Office Manager

Kerin and her family moved here from California in October of 2019. She has been with us since November of 2019. Kerin is Certified in Phlebotomy, Pharmacy technician, CPR basic life support, and CPR Advanced life support for veterinarian emergency and critical care, as well as a nursing assistant. Kerin strives to have a very engaged and enthusiastic personal presence in all aspects of her life both in and out of work. When she’s not working Kerin is happiest when she is spending time with her husband Patrick, Their daughter Paige, and their dog Teddy. They love going to the beach and just being by the ocean. Kerin’s personal Motto would be "Laugh my friend, for laughter ignites a fire within the pit of your belly and awakens your being”.

Heaven- Veterinary Assistant

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Heaven moved to Eastern North Carolina in 2014. She has been with us since October 2020. After Serving in the United States Marine Corps. Heaven switched gears and decided to pursue a bachelors in Veterinary Technology with the desire to go to vet school to Become a DVM. Heaven enjoys hiking, fishing, watching baseball, hockey, and Nascar or just hanging with her fur babies Blizzard, Cerberus, Lady, Luna, Piper, Thor, Winston, Winchester and her cat Bacon on her days off. Heaven has an overwhelming compassion for animals, which is why her personal motto is a constant reminder for herself that “I speak for those who have no voice”

Ava- Veterinary Assistant

Ava and her mom have lived in Eastern North Carolina since 2009. Ava has been with us since January 2022. She is a High School graduate and has her vet assistant certificate. She has two miniature poodles named Phoebe and Paige, a cat named Padgett, and two birds named Percy and Pearlie-Gates. Ava’s favorite things to do at work are wrapping surgery packs and anal gland expressions. When she is not working Ava is happiest playing video games, sleeping, hanging out with friends, and spending time with family and pets at home. Ava’s personal motto would be “Work hard now, it’ll pay off in the long run- or so they say” 

Chelsea- Assistant Manager/Receptionist 

Born and raised in Carteret County North Carolina, Chelsea has been with us since September 6, 2022. She was previously a certified Nursing Assistant and Med Tech. She then switched to Veterinary Medicine following taking her class. Chelsea’s favorite thing to do at work is being with the hospital staff and the house cats. She is married and has two boys and four cats! Her favorite things to do when she is not working are being with her family at the beach and fishing. Chelsea’s personal Motto is “A laugh can be a very powerful thing. Why? Sometimes in life, It’s the only weapon we have”   

Louise- Veterinary Assistant 

Born in Brazil and has moved around the world. Some places Louise has lived in are Brazil, South Korea, Houston Texas, Covington Louisiana, and Eastern North Carolina. Louise has been with us since October 1, 2022. She is a High School graduate and has 3 years of experience in Veterinary Medicine. Louise lives at home with her husband and two miniature pinschers named Molly and Dolly. When she is not at work, she loves taking her pups on walks, being creative in the kitchen, hanging out with family, and spending time outside. Her favorite things to do at work include nail trims and loving the patients. Louise’s personal motto is “Always strive to be the better version of yourself.”

Molly- Receptionist/Veterinary Assistant 

Molly moved here from Oklahoma in 2013. She has been with us since February 2023. Molly is a highschool graduate and has her CNA and Vet Assistant Certificate. Molly is currently in school to become a Radiology Technician. Molly lives at home with her 3 dogs Oakley, King and Amina. Her favorite duty at work is looking at slides under the microscope and pulling blood for heartworm test. When Molly isn't at work you can find her relaxing with her dogs and taking them on walks. Molly's personal motto is “find what you'd die for and then live for it”


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